SAD: Google Play Services to Block Rooted Android Phones

Rooting Android device is really necessary, because you will gain full access to the device and have access to some system files. I have recently wrote an article that explains what the benefits of rooting Android phones are. You can head over to that link for the post.

Biggest streaming and movie download app Netflix has recently suspended rooted Android users from accessing its platform. This was really a sad news to rooted Android users using Netflix app.

According to source, latest updates from Google has it that Google is preparing to block rooted Android users from accessing the Playstore. Google’s latest update to the Google Play Console, as updated during Google IO 2017, includes a Safety Net toggle. This toggle is one of many which give developers a very simple way of allowing some features to be compatible with the apps they make, and others to be kicked from the pack.

As Google suggests in their Android Developers documentation;
“SafetyNet provides a set of services and APIs that help protect your app against security threats, including device tampering, bad URLs, potentially harmful apps, and fake users.”

Safety Net Attestation checks for the following Device Status markers:
1. Certified, genuine device that passes CTS
2. Certified device with unlocked bootloader
3. Genuine but un-certified device, such as when the manufacturer doesn’t apply for certification
4. Device with custom ROM (not rooted)
5. Emulator
6. No device (protocol emulator script)
7. Signs of system integrity compromise, such as rooting
8. Signs of other active attacks, such as API hooking

In order words, if your Android device is rooted, or an emulator, has an unlocked bootloader, or half a dozen other similar, related elements – it will automatically fail the integrity test. You won’t be able to access some major apps from the playstore.

That's not all, if your device runs on either Stock or Custom ROM and it's rooted, you are all included in this new development from Google


Ofcourse, there's always a way out of things. If unfortunately you are affected with this latest update, then, you should download apps from other sources and install on your device.

But if you still feel like unrooting your Android device, you can still go ahead. It's your choice. Anyway, we all know how important rooting Android phone is, but right now those features that pushed us into rooting our phone are now included in latest Android versions, so virtually all the new phones released now comes with interesting features. Meaning, there is no more urgent need for giving your device root access.

For me, i ain't going to Unroot my device for any so called reasons, because am really doing a great stuff with the Root access on my device. Infact, 70% of my apps require root access lol. Just to show you how important these apps are to me, and without giving them root privileges, they ain't going to do the job i downloaded them for.

Over to you, what's your say on this upcoming development from Google?

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  1. That is a Pity For us... what Next?

  2. Dont even know what it means to root a phone or how to. But enjoying my Android sha

  3. I don't blame them. Rooting has as much advantages as disadvantages.

  4. Lol... You A a sturbon android user I see..

    Commenting From: Clickedwap Tech Blog

  5. Kai what next sir

    1. If you are affected with this latest update, then, you should download apps from other sources and install on your device. Make sure it's a reliable source so you don't get infected with Virus or malware.

  6. Wtf.. Google should go suck a dick.. 😂.. I'll use a third party site.. I'll never unroot.. My titanium backup.. My game guardian.. Ha ha ha.. I'll even remove the shity system app once i get a new device

  7. lolz.. thats funny commenting from: caffinegeeks

  8. Nice article it Really Helps.
    Commenting From Successtechz

  9. this info., is not real jawe

  10. yes, this has been done, they reffered to rooted phones as uncertified but they still give them access to Google play.