Download Latest Telegram X For Android, July 2018 Update

Telegram X has received July 2018 update and it comes with so many features. Telegram X is just like a Beta testing version of Telegram, before it gets to the main Telegram app.

The new Telegram X ChangeLog is quite lengthy as it comes with lot of features. Some of the features will be discussed here.

Telegram X features includes but not limited to Secret Chat. Secret Chat can now be locked with a passcode which will hide the content of the chat. You can unlock the chat using the passcode or your fingerprint.

There's now a GIF playback which has been improved now. You can now play a GIF, pause, rewind, or restart the GIF. GIF preview will now be at full resolution only if you had turned off autoplay in settings. Also, GIF will play in full-screen at full quality without compression.

MTProxy support and other proxy quick switching has now been added for those that it concerns in their country. The feature includes the "latest censorship circumvention techniques". You can even check if you need to use a proxy to even access Telegram in your country.

Another feature is the voice message. You can now play voice notes through your phone's earpiece. Simply raise your device to your ear after selecting play. Or you can just tell Telegram X to always pipe messages through the earpiece.

Lastly, Chats got lot of changes too. New messages will be read as you scroll through the chat, but if you have to leave before finishing every new text, Telegram X will save your position till when you return.

You can now mark chats as read/unread from the notifications, or from the chat previews. When deleting Secret Chats, you'll now have the option to delete the record at your end and that of the contact's end too.

There are many more features that I can't explain here. You can head over to Telegram X Playstore page for the full ChangeLog details.

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  1. Enter your comment...waoowww.. this is advanceable

  2. Am not always on Telegram... but thanks for the update

  3. Although Telegram is not as popular as WhatsApp but it gets more features than WhatsApp.... I will try this Telegram x now.

  4. Wow, increadible updates here.

    I use telegram much more than whatsapp, there are many intresting channels there.

    Kachi which do you use, this or the official version?