Signal Messenger Incorporates Multiple WhatsApp Features

It is no longer new news that WhatsApp has been undergoing a backlash due to its recent policy update. As a result, some popular applications like Telegram and Signal have reported a significant rise in the number of newly acquired users on their platforms.

Specifically, Signal messenger seems to have taken a good advantage of this situation. Details from Google Play store revealed that Signal attained many downloads from WhatsApp users. WhatsApp already clarified on their updated Terms of Services that nothing changes if you chat or call your contacts on the platform as your information remains end-to-end encrypted

However, the recent condition (it is now postponed) caused many people to migrate instantly to other apps. Signal understands that there are currently many installation of its Messenger app by WhatsApp users and uses the opportunity to showcase similar WhatsApp features, especially the same end-to-end encryption security. Some of the obvious similarities that were implemented include: 

Chat Wallpaper: Prior to WhatsApp's policy update, Signal didn't have its present wallpaper feature that allows you to modify your chat wallpaper in a similar way like WhatsApp. The wallpaper preview also shows the same details also on WhatsApp such as contact name and call button plus the ability to reset your wallpaper, apply solid colours and more. 

Contact About: The bio space implemented in WhatsApp's "about" feature is now introduced to Signal.

Stickers: Signal now supports animated stickers with the ability to allow you to customise the stickers from the desktop app and share. This feature was employed last year on WhatsApp.

Data Management: the Signal messenger implements low data mode to help users manage their call-rate data consumption. Just like WhatsApp, the feature lets one to lower data usage during calls.

Download Management: The two now closely comparable applications, enables users to select which media can be downloaded automatically or manually based on preference.

Group Calls: WhatsApp, not too long ago, increased the number of allowable participants for a group call to 8 users. Likewise, Signal extended the number of participants from 5 to 8.

Group Invitation Link: People on Signal can now use a shareable group link invitation to introduce new members to groups just like WhatsApp. 

It is now apparent that signal has adopted similar functions that are available on WhatsApp. Perhaps, the Signal team wishes to give their new users a relatable messenger experience as on WhatsApp, and make them not feel any less comfortable. 

Have you noticed any other similarities? How do you think WhatsApp will react to this?

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