Use This App To Track and Manage Your Internet Data

Many applications developed these days require you to have internet access running while using them. Even the fewer ones that don't necessarily need active data to function still end up consuming some of your internet, if detected available. This can be frustrating especially when you are trying to properly manage an internet subscription to last you for a specific period. 

There could be instances wherein you subscribe for a weekly data bundle and you end up exhausting your internet in a period of few days. And it's not as if you've been doing anything "extra-ordinary" during the time you purchased the data. It's because of such circumstances that you have to go further in applying measures to control your data usage. 

One effective way to carefully manage your data consumption rate is by using third-party apps that operate on such services. In this article, I recommend you use GlassWire to track and control your internet data. It is a powerful app that exhibits very useful features that can go a long way in helping you with your data management. You don't need to have internet for the app to operate fully. 

By default, the app shows you information of your data in a space of one month. You can go further to see how much data you've used currently as it lists below all the specifically installed apps concerning their consumed data on your device. For information about the data usage and more from a particular app, just tap on that app for extended details.


You can now get to know which apps are mostly draining your internet and disable them from running in background if need be. Glassdoor is also available for PC with extended features!

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